Basic Instructions

Basic Instructions for Participation

As we begin the structure of this site is fairly rudimentary and I can't possibly get it all going.
I think this is a big investment at the beginning, but could be a great resource and on-going community building experience for all of us Notre Dame sociology of religion folk as well as others.

Everyone is welcome to contribute and participate. has very easy editing code but it can be a little daunting to the luddites among us. Please stick with it though. I will try to make this more user-friendly as I learn more about the syntax and structure. So don't be surprised to see some changes. (BTW-I will be backing this up so don't be afraid of "losing" the work you put into this and not having it for yourself.

I am trying to give basics, but if you want to learn more [] has LOTS of helpful guidebooks and pages to learn syntax, formatting, and structure. Also see the "WIKI" links on the sidebar and I am a novice at this but like to learn. Hopefully, it won't eat up a disproportionate time to its usefulness.

Basic Instructions

Adding a Page (very simple)

  1. Type the Page name under "Add a new page" in side navigation bar, and press "new page" button
  2. when editing box appears choose desired template "literature/notes" is the default but there may be some more.
  3. if you don't want to follow the template choose the default/blank one
  4. create the page to your desire, using text and the tools above the editing box.
  5. make sure to link your pages to other relevant ones
  6. if this is an important page to be part of a list (e.g. an addition to the exam list) please be sure and edit the appropriate page (e.g. adding the bib entry to the exam page in the appropriate order with a page link to your newly created page)
  • generally, new pages and links follow this syntax pattern: [[[new page name]]] or [[[new page name | text to display]]]

Editing a page

  1. navigate to the page you want to add information to or edit
  2. at the bottom of the page you will find a link that says "edit"
  3. click on the link
  4. an editing box will appear with the text as you see it on the page.
    • In addition to the text you may see symbols that indicate formatting code
      • +'s indicate different default headings like the large bold red you see here at the top. more +'s equal smaller heading
      • [ and ] are indications of a link. Some are directed to other pages and some to urls or files. If you want to add a link there are buttons at the top of the editing box that have different features. The GUI isn't real obvious but try pushing a few buttons and you should get the hang of it. Don't give up!!!
    • Among the buttons are numerous other functions to create effects on the page, everything from videos, to equations, to audio. Feel free to use these.
  5. After editing, please
    • write a brief description of your changes in the "description change box" following the editing panel
    • make sure you SAVE. pressing the "save" button saves your work and exits to the page. "save & continue" naturally lets you save but leaves you inside the editing panel
  6. Enjoy

Changing page templates

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