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Creating Pages

Anyone can create pages on this Wiki. To do so, just fill out the next form which will be the name of the new page you're making. If you are creating a "Member Profile" page, please read the Member Pages section before creating the page.

Now after that please read Basic Page Design [next up]. If you are creating a page as a "Member Profile" please view the Member Profile Page under the Huh Section.

Basic Page Design

If you are using a page template, you should not have to read this section. However, if you are creating a brand new page, please read this. There are some designs that are used in making each page.

First: Be sure to add Headers to create sections for each key point.
Second: Add a Table of Contents. We normally ask you first start with an Intro or Summary paragraph that is sectionless. Then you would add the Table of Contents underneath that Intro paragraph, and start adding sections/headers to all content below that Table of Contents.
Third: It is not necessary to add a Bibliography or Research links into a page but if you want too, you can use the Bibliography button to do such. (Row 3 - Button 11)

How do I add a…

To learn about how to do something, click on the appropriate question to see its answer.
(Note: I count all rows from the top row, and count all buttons from the very left button)

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